Spirit release can be achieved in many ways. Exorcism, practiced as a religious rite, is the traditional method. Other forms of treatments are replacing exorcism and are ever more widely practiced. Spirits are viewed not as evil, but guided and are offered compassionate help. There are two basic approaches. The Intuitive, which requires psychic awareness and abilities in the therapist, and the Interactive, in which the therapist helps the patient into an altered state of consciousness and then dialogues with the attached spirit, which uses the patient’s vocal voice to respond.

There is no such thing as a typical case of spirit attachment. Attached spirits can affect people in many ways. Symptoms are mostly non-specific. Common examples are fatigue, depression, relationship difficulties, addictions, irrational behavior, anxiety, and medical issues. Hearing a voice may indicate spirit attachment, though much depends upon what the voice says. Socrates used to hear a warning voice at times of danger. This was, presumably, from a beneficent spirit, not one attached to the energy field. (It is only lower order spirits that attach to a person and cause problems). Spirit attachment suggests itself most obviously when patients complain of being possessed. But such cases are rare. Another suggestive complaint, uncommon, but of great importance, is multiple personality. What happens after the death of the physical body is crucial. Normally the soul goes to the Light and enters the spirit world properly but not always. The spirit can stay on the earth plane many different reasons primarily if it is still stuck with a negative emotion or it does not know it passed. It may then attach to other human beings or to locations.

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