Are we all immortal? Why is it that we have to forget everything before we come into a new life? They say we have to learn lessons so that we can ascend to a higher realm to stop this wheel of karma. How are we actually suppose to learn in this lifetime if we can’t remember what we did back in our past life times? Our soul has the memories of all that ever existed. Our mind can only calculate what it knows now. When we work in hypnosis we are able to connect with the unconscious mind which is the whole bank of our totality. However, we must not forget that we are here now in this time of existence. So working on ourselves through uncovering internal blocks in this lifetime will open up our mind to receiving information that may have existed in a past life time. When working with past lives you have to be extremely careful on what comes up in a session. It may a past life. It may actually be someone else’s past life that somehow has interwoven with your life today. Or maybe a deceased energy that has stayed earthbound after his/her time of death. When working with a client it is very similar as a  detective weeding out what no longer serves the case. When is comes to past or present life, the most important part is understanding where everything may be coming from. Not everyone’s mind functions in the same way. We all know what a brain looks like……. but do we really know what the mind looks like? Exactly and that is a mystery within itself.

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