From the beginning of time we always were. We are spiritual beings experiencing a human experience in a human body. As a soul moves on from the human form it still is energy which is still alive in a energy presence. When one of our loved ones passes over we often go through a sadness as we no longer see them in a human form. What we need to understand is they are still with us but not in human body like we would see them every day.  Have you ever experienced a loved one passing over and you start noticing within a few days the lights flickering or the tv turning off and on? Or their favorite song comes on the radio, or a certain smell hits the air that reminds us of them. I know when my father passed over I had many different episodes of him contacting me from the other side. Sometimes there are still answers that need to be answered or maybe certain circumstances that need to be resolved. We just want to know they are doing okay and if they are still watching over us. As a  channeler I will guide you to your loved ones and help get the closure you may need. Please contact me for further information. I offer one on one sessions and Skype sessions.

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