Through our work it is our purpose as twin flames to guide and help you into understanding certain circumstances in your current life. There might be many reasons on why you may want a session. As we both do the same work and work as a team, we also have our own specialities. When we talk about “specialities” meaning we tend to work more with certain subjects. You might ask what this means. Working with past memories or past lives, releasing unwanted behaviors, attachments which may be controlling our journey, ET experiences, connecting to loved ones who have moved on and understanding the meaning of life.

Heidi’s work includes but not limited to: working with deceased loved ones, house clearings, mediumship, past memories, past life regression, twin flames, attachments (due to emotions) and as a Certified Spiritual Life Coach working with clients to understanding their purpose in this life.

Andreas work includes but not limited to: working with past life regression, working with attachments and energetics, ET’s, physical and non physical beings, emotional deprogramming.

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