Twin Flame

I never knew what the meaning of this was until it happened to me. I mean really. I didn’t even know what the term twin flame meant. It was the feeling of extreme compassionate love like I just wanted to unzip from this body and walk into his. I could feel everything that there ever was within me and him. I thought I was going crazy. It was like every emotion all at once. Like this magnetic vibration for explosion. Many people go through life feeling not whole. First of all I am not talking about having someone fill your void, I’m talking about a knowing your whole life that there just has to be more to this human body. It just doesn’t feel complete. It is until you truly love within yourself and you go through certain lessons in your life that this other half is sent or connected to you. Like the ying and yang. The masculine and the feminine. We have a choice. To acknowledge it or turn and walk the other direction no matter what the circumstances may lead to. To surrender and to be vulnerable to the process. I mean willingness to change everything in your life. To communicate in a way you never have before. Through thoughts, mind, and body. To let go of fear and just go with the journey. Does everyone in this lifetime meet their twin flame? No not everyone. Some do and decide to turn their backs and run due to certain circumstances or extreme fear. What they are not understanding is this a chance to become complete within themselves but fear brings them farther away until it becomes lost in time. Our worst enemy. Twin flames are the highest vibrational frequency you can experience on this planet as it is the closest to who we are. We become one. How do you know you are in a twin flame connection or have found your other half? What are they suppose to be showing you? Your weakest of your weakness and the strongest of your strength within you. You two are a very important part of this whole process you call life. Your vibrational frequency explodes many miles away affecting everything around you. If you would like to know more on how to connect with your twin flame or you feel you are in a twin flame relationship please contact us when you feel the time is right.



  1. Daniel says:

    I have been told that not everyone has a twin flame. Is this true?


  2. Universoul Connection says:

    Hello Daniel. This is a great question. I am going to ask you this same question. What do you think is true? There will be people out there stating their beliefs or telling you how it is. There is lots of information on the internet. You have to remember it is already within you that has the answer to this question. What do you believe? If you are not sure, then there is probably doubt or fear somewhere on an unconscious level. Always trust your intuition. Feeling comes from the heart and not the mind. With that being said I can explain how I feel on “not everyone has a twin flame.” I believe this is true to some extent. I believe there are only so many Twin Flames and at this specific time they are connecting more than ever. The Twin Flames are uniting to help raise the earths frequency and harmonize the balance of energy. There are only so many that can unite in this process, but that is a whole different conversation. This information has been deleted or hidden from us so long ago in our history. There always has to be balance with everything, so not everyone has a Twin Flame especially at this time of existence. Remember this is coming from me and my truth. You always have to go within you to find the answers. You can take what information feels good for you here and decide for yourself 🙂 Thanks for the comment.


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